The Best Way To Increase Your School Performance And Boost Revenue Collection Without Wasting Time Or Money

Many school leaders especially in developing countries are still managing their schools manually. This outdated management approach is wasting a lot of time and money. And it can lead to many errors as there is a large amount of data to collect and process. ShuleSoft is an integrated school management system that helps school leaders manage all academic and administrative operations with a simple software.

Now you can “collect fees” and manage your school accounts more effectively

Schools that use manual accounts require parents to pay fees by either visiting a school accountant or going to deposit payments at the bank. Parents may deem these payment methods as tedious or time wasting. Even if they pay through these traditional methods, it takes a long time to get receipt from schools. These problems might prevent most parents from paying fees on time, leading to poor revenue collection. But there is an easier way.

ShuleSoft provides you with fast ways to collect fees and manage your accounts more effectively. With this powerful system, now you can be able to:

Whether you have a school accountant or keeping financial records yourself, ShuleSoft will make your financial management more effective.

  • Link direct with reputable banks and mobile money services

  • Give parents your “control number”

  • Now parents can pay fees directly to your bank account by using mobile phones and other electronic methods

  • This means that parents can pay school fees, wherever they are

  • And your school can send parents instant notifications of their payments

  • Generate financial reports automatically and speed up your payment process

  • FREE Customer Care Mobile Calls (Unlimited)

  • FREE Email Support

  • FREE Online Training Support, including online courses, videos, manuals, articles, SMS and more.

  • Direct access to “Zonal Managers” who are dedicated to provide schools using ShuleSoft with support and training.

  • “ShuleSoft Technical Bench” is also available for technical support

  • A wide network of “ShuleSoft Associates” located throughout the country to provide schools with on−site support and more.

Enjoy a full package of support [it’s completely free]

You are totally covered. ShuleSoft Team is your trusted partner in building long−term growth for both your students and school management.

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Stay away from outdated manual operations

Running a school by using “outdated manual operations” is a difficult approach to manage your school. This old-fashioned approach leads to many problems such as:

  • Repel parents who want modern services
  • Wasting time and money on things which could be done in just a few seconds
  • Making errors as there is a large amount of data to process
  • Left behind by the fast−moving competition

These problems can cost your school a great deal. We understand how much frustrating it is and have helped hundreds of schools change the way they manage their operations. And they are getting remarkable results

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Shulesoft Is Simple, Flexible And Secure

Easy to use, easy to access

You can easily access ShuleSoft by using a computer, smartphone or tablets.

Control your data

You will have the POWER to control who can use which part of the system, and who cannot use it.

You are protected 100%

A special security system is included so you can give PERMISSION to users you want, and deny access to others.

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